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Appliance Repair Etobicoke

Dryer Repair

Are you concerned about the way your dryer works? Does it get overheated? Let our expert technicians check your home appliance. We offer quick dryer repair Etobicoke service and restore appliance damage effectively. Does the appliance fail to dry your clothing? Does it make an unexplained noise or take long to complete the cycle? Whether the problem is very urgent or not, we help our customers in Etobicoke, Ontario, as soon as possible. Dryers can be very dangerous if they are clogged. They won’t be safe if they are not installed properly either. Leave all dryer needs to us. At Appliance Repair Etobicoke, we take outstanding care of your dryer and help quickly.Dryer Repair Etobicoke

Our techs are experts in home dryer repair

Dryers are clogged when their tubes are filled with lint and the hot air is trapped inside the appliance. Is your dryer extremely hot? Doesn’t it dry well? In such cases, don’t use the appliance. Call us and one of our dryer repair specialists will examine the problem and repair the appliance. Was the problem caused only by the built-up lint? Is there another problem with the motor or heating coils? Once the problematic components are found, our technicians see if they can be fixed. In a different case, they are replaced. Our goal is to deliver a safe dryer which won’t be a problem anymore. That’s also possible with our annual dryer service.

We install and service dryers to keep them safe

Lint is built-up every time you use the appliance. Even if you empty the lint trap, the tubes will eventually clog. With our regular washer and dryer repair services, we don’t let that happen. Our technicians take care of the appliance making sure air can go in and out with ease. The good operation of the appliance is also ensured by our proper dryer installation. By keeping the right distance from the wall and connecting all tubes right, our technicians ensure the safety of the appliance.

We service, repair, and install electric and gas home dryers. Our team is responsive and experienced and covers your needs. Don’t hesitate to call us if you need same day dryer repair in Etobicoke! Contact us now!

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